We propose some edits for the design of your website and do it if you would like it. Fixing any design error, which you had before

Code review

Code review

We fix all issues which have a negative effect on your website. Also, we suggest new technical or visual solutions for your website



We create and add new content to your website. New pages, articles, sections, and modules. Updating sitemaps. It helps to increase your SEO results

Stages of project

Stage 1

Tasks list
for next month

We draw up a recommendation plan for needed tasks for the next month before starting work. It based on technical and SEO analysis firstly

Stage 2

of the website

We maintain the website through the plan and with your daily tasks. Also, we monitor UpTime and Security 24/7. Doing backUp every week

Stage 3

Report about
the past month

We provide you with a progress report for a month and a plan for the next month. And we analyze the SEO position of your website every week if you have no SEO plan by us


Complete website maintenance

We maintain all parts of your website. That's not only code but hosting and security too

24/7 Uptime and security control

We set over your website sub-applications which are able to control the uptime and security of the website

Content analytics

We set up Google Analytics and Facebook pixel on your website to collect visitors behavior data

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