Complete SEO

Complete SEO

We use to on-page SEO semantic core that was created for your website, rules of the HTML5 layout, correct structure of the website. Also, we use our partners for off-page SEO (third side articles, mentions at blogs, adding data to Google)

Search Advertising

Search Advertising

Creation of unique ads for context and targeting advertising campaigns. Finding and realization your prospect's audience. The best way for fast result

SMM Advertising

SMM Advertising

Building ads for a personalized advertising campaign on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Including the creation of video and graphic ads for it

Stages of project

Stage 1

Marketing and
competition analysis

Collecting statistics of competitors and market. The number of competitors, their decisions, both positive and negative. How users look at products. What's users need.

Stage 2

First month

Creating a promotion plan for the first month. The complete plan for one month with content tasks, code edits, and Page goals. Doing all of those things

Stage 3

Checking results

Looking at results which are gotten previous month. Analyzing trends of promoting the website. Edits at tools and methods of promoting.

Stage 4

Keep it going

Continuation of the promoting with repeating stages 2 and 3 every month. And turning on other tools and methods of promotion if it's needed.


Analytics tools

Installing analytics tools into website code. Those tools by Facebook and Google and help to control sources of traffic and behavior of visitors

Transparent process

We show you a huge part of any type of promotion. So, you can see how it works and which tools we use to promote your project

Flex budget to promote

You'are able to choose any budget range for the promotion of your website and switch it at any time. We just suggest to you a recommendation on it

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